Download Mero Share App for IOS and Android in 2022 Download Mero Share App for IOS and Android in 2022

Download Mero Share App for IOS and Android in 2022


Mero Share App for IOS and Android

Searching for Mero Share Android App and Mero Share IOS App? So your search is over. Mero Share has launched applications for Android users for the easy purchase and sale of shares and stocks in Nepal. Mero Share platform is available in both application and web format so that the users of various needs can easily use the service provided by Mero Share. Mero Share app was launched by CDSC and Clearing House Limited to ease the buying and selling of stocks online. For a detailed overview of the features available in Mero Share, you can visit this page.


Application is an easy method than the web version for the clients and hence Mero Share has launched the mobile application for Android users so that they can access the features of Mero Share from any locality. Android application of Mero Share has been launched as a beta version and therefore the functionality is not fully structured as in the web version of Mero Share. Moreover, the Mero Share app has been developed primarily for the web version.


However, if you still want to get the Android app for Mero Share, you can go through the link provided below and for the web version, you can simply browse “” from any browser. But, the web version is more compatible with Chrome web browser, Firefox browser, and Safari for Android.


Mero Share app for Android:

Android App link for Mero Share:


You can also download the beta version of the MeroShare app here: Mero share App Beta



Mero Share beta application for Android has a rating of 3.3/5 from 5900+ rating providers which is just an average but usable. Despite the service for Mero Share being extremely high, the utility provided by Mero Share Android App is below average. Users have complained that in some variants of the smartphones, Mero Share has the dashboard missing, My ASBA service missing, and users cannot save the password in the application that requires frequent login. Moreover, the app needs a serious design and functionality. Hope these issues of the Mero Share app in android get fixed in the upcoming updates from CDSC and Clearing House Limited.


However, the general functions like applying for IPO and FPO issues, applying of right issues, transfer of scrips, WACC and holding period calculation, EDIS, etc work well with high-end devices.


How to download the Mero Share app for Android?

In order to download Mero Share App, browse through your play store app on your smartphone and search for “Mero Share Beta”. You will get the application that has been shown on the image above. Click on the “Install” tab and let the system finish the install. After the successful installation, you can open the Mero Share app, and using your user ID and Password, you can browse through the features of Mero Share.


Mero Share app for IOS:

There are no Mero Share applications for IOS users to date which is a bit dissatisfying for IOS users. We hope that after successful testing of the beta version for the android app, we will be able to download Mero Share App for iPhone users in the days to come. Until the successful release of the IOS App of Mero share, Apple users need to use the web version of Mero Share from IOS browsers/ Safari browsers. Market Renovate will update the Mero Share IOS App link here as soon as it gets launched by CDSC.


Mero Share app for PC/ Laptop:

Furthermore, there is yet no application or extension available for Mero Share PC or Laptops. So, the PC users also need to browse all the Mero Share features that are available from the web. As I have already stated above Mero Share is such a platform, specifically designed for the web version. So, the web version itself serves as the PC application of Mero Share.


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