Mero Share Check IPO Result 2022 – ShareAllotment Mero Share Check IPO Result 2022 – ShareAllotment

Mero Share Check IPO Result 2022 – ShareAllotment

Mero Share Check IPO Result 2022

Do you want to check Mero Share IPO Result 2022 published today? All the share allotted data of IPO and FPO are published in Mero share IPO result section of CDSC. In addition, all the IPO results of IPOs and FPOs can be checked below. Recently, IPO was open for the general public, and the result has been issued by CDSC.


Results of the initial public offering (IPO) can only be viewed on the website of the IPO issuing company, the Mero Share app of CDS, and the sales manager’s website. Various online media outlets had been preparing to see the results of the initial public offering (IPO) prior to this.



CDS & Clearing Limited has now made the necessary arrangements to ensure that information can only be accessed through the company’s official website. Because it is a personal statement, according to Suresh Neupane, the company’s spokesperson, the decision was made to protect the beneficiary account (Demat account).


IPO results of ordinary shares application that was open for all has been released by CDSC, Mero share dashboard, and respective capital.


Mero Share Check IPO Result 2022 – Check IPO Result of IPO and FPO



  1. You Can Check IPO results in Mero share CDSC sites:
    ( You Need to Choose Company & Enter BOID or DMAT number)
  2. IPO results are also seen at various Capital Merchant Sites
  3. You Can Check IPO results in your Mero share Account DASHBOARD as well:  
( By login in onto Mero share, You will find the result in My ASBA menu & Application Report Submenu)



How To Check Mero Share IPO Result in 2022? – Mero Share Check IPO Result 2022

You may view the IPO result notice on the relevant Capital Limited share allotment page. To check the result of the IPO, please follow the steps outlined below;



  • Go to the relevant Capital Limited Share Allotment page site
  • Select the company name from the list.
  • Type in your 16 Digits Demat Account Number\s.
  • Then click on the Search button.
  • You may find the IPO result there. You can take a screenshot of the result if you wish and keep it for your record.


We hope that it will assist you find IPO results immediately if you are new.



Are you looking for IPO Result CDSC COM NP to find out the result of the IPO? Yes, it is here with the advice to find any IPO result when published. Before reviewing any IPO Result CDSC or CDSC IPO Result, you need to guarantee your 16 digit BOID. You need the 16 digit BOID to get Mero Share IPO Result or IPO Result CDSC com np Nepal. Various IPOs and FPOs share allotment are available at IPOResult CDSC com np IPO Result website. Just click the link above and follow the advised process to get the result immediately.


How to Check IPO Result at Mero Share (Allotment) of various firms in NEPSE 2022?

Applicants of various IPOs and FPOs can check their IPO result allotment by login at the direct Mero Share URL –



You can follow these step by step processes:

  • Login at Mero share an official website –
  • Select Company IPO name at the dropdown menu
  • Type in Demat or BOID number
  • Click on the ‘Submit’ button to know the result.
  • Your firm IPO allotment result status, will be visible on your computer or smartphone.


check ipo

IPO results are based on the systematic lottery in NEPSE. Therefore, there are no complex rules or tactics to allot IPO for yourself. However, you can boost the allotment chance of your IPO with proper application procedures.

Company Name


Total Company Share for this IPO

X,XX,XXX Units

Ipo General Public Issued

X,XX,XXX Units Kitta

Total applicants

XX,XX,XXX Applicants

IPO Issued Manager

ABCD Capital Limited

Total applied shares

X,XX,XX,XXX units

Oversubscribed by

XX.XX times

Total Allotment to Applicants


Allotment per applicants

10 units



Mero Share Check IPO Result 2022

Mero Share IPO Result 2022 summary is here. This summary sheet will provide essential information about IPO allotment outcomes in the table below:


ipo allotment

Mero Share IPO Result is available at mero, where you may check the progress of various firm allotments. The best technique to check IPO results for all firms is to use mero Due to the low number of IPOs, only a small percentage of the public receives 10 units in various company IPOs. 


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