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Sani Securities Co. Ltd. | NEPSE TMS Broker 42 Login

Investing in stocks can be a great way to build wealth over time, but it can also be intimidating and confusing. That is why it is critical to select a reputable stock broker. Sani Securities Co. Ltd. is a dependable and trustworthy Nepal option for all your online share trading needs. This article will look more closely at this company and what it has to offer.

Broker Number: 42

Sani Securities, with broker number 42, is a registered and authorized share broker in Nepal. This government designation gives you peace of mind that the company meets the necessary financial stability and security standards. You can be confident that your money and investments are safe with Sani Securities.

Trading Management System (TMS)

The Trading Management System (TMS) is an online platform that allows you to manage your investments and track the performance of your stocks. TMS 42 allows you to access your portfolio, monitor your trades, and manage your financial assets from any location and at any time. Simply go to and begin trading right away.


The website of Sani Securities,, contains a wealth of information about the company and its services. Whether an experienced trader or a novice, you'll find everything you need to know about the company, its products, and its services in one place. The website is simple and contains valuable resources for making informed investment decisions.


The company’s main office is located in Laxman Babu Bhawan, Naxal, Kathmandu, Nepal. The central location makes it convenient for clients to visit the office for support or guidance.


Sani Securities’ customer service team is always available to help. If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach the company by phone at 01-5970602. If you’re located in Bharatpur, Chitwan, you can also visit the branch office at Sahid Chowk, Narayangarh, Chitwan, Nepal. The branch office can be reached at 056-572272 or 056-572333.

Branch Office: Bharatpur, Chitwan

The company’s branch office in Bharatpur, Chitwan, provides clients in the surrounding area with easy access to its services. The branch office offers the same level of support and guidance as the main office, so clients can receive the help they need, no matter where they are.

Finally, Sani Securities Co. Ltd. is an excellent choice for investing in Nepal's stock market. Thanks to its registered broker number, user-friendly website, convenient location, and excellent customer service, this company is a reliable and trustworthy partner for all your online trading needs.

The login URL for NEPSE TMS Broker 42 is

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