Lock in period of Chandragiri Hills ends tomorrow, how much will the share price decrease?

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Chandragiri Hills

Lock in period of Chandragiri Hills ends tomorrow, how much will the share price decrease?

Chandragiri Hills Hotel Group, a leading hospitality company in Nepal, has announced that its lock in period will end on Monday, 8th of Magh. The company, which operates a cable car, restaurants, conference center, and branded shops in Thankot Kathmandu, has listed 15 Crore, 34 lakh, 910 shares in the Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE).

Until now, only 18 lakh 40 thousand 909 shares, which is 12 percent of the total shares, were available for trading in the secondary market. But from Monday, all the shares of the company will be converted into public shares, meaning that the founder’s shares will also be open for trading.

This may have an impact on the company’s share price, which has been stable at Rs 905 on Sunday. According to market experts, the company’s shares may decline after the lock in period is over, as there will be more supply than demand. There are previous examples of companies whose shares dropped due to circuit after the lock in period ended.

However, some investors are optimistic that the company’s shares will not fall as much as expected, as the hotel group has been performing well and has a loyal customer base. The company also has plans to launch new attractions such as an amusement park, boutique resort, paragliding, zip flying, and many more.

The trading of the company’s shares will resume on Tuesday, based on the market price on Monday. The investors and stakeholders are advised to keep an eye on the latest developments of Chandragiri Hills Hotel Group’s journey in the hospitality sector, as it takes bold steps to redefine the hospitality experience in the country.
Published on: Jan 21, 2024
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