MDMS and Teramox Technology: Payment and Implementation Halted by Ministry

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MDMS and Teramox Technology: Payment and Implementation Halted by Ministry

The payment and implementation of Mobile Device Management System (MDMS) and Teramox technology have been halted by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, according to Minister Rekha Sharma. She made this statement at the meeting of the Education, Health and Information Technology Committee of the Parliament on Thursday.

Minister Sharma said that the ministry had issued a directive to suspend the payment of MDMS, which is a system that monitors and manages mobile devices in the country. She said that the ministry wanted to implement MDMS, but there was a flaw in the equipment procurement process that needed to be corrected.

She also said that the issue of Teramox technology, which is a wireless broadband technology that provides high-speed internet access in remote areas, had been put on hold for now. She said that the ministry was drafting a law to regulate Teramox technology, after the telecom service providers had expressed their concerns about its legal aspects.

Regarding the Ncell share sale case, which is a dispute over the capital gains tax of the telecom company, Minister Sharma said that the committee formed to investigate the matter was preparing to submit its report by the 15th of Magh. She said that the committee was in the process of writing the report.
Published: Jan 18, 2024
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